Spring Art!

The Christmas decorations were up way too long, I thought to myself when I walked into the classroom late last month. I try to incorporate an art/ craft class once a week, usually relating to lessons we are covering.  Above is a paper flower project the students worked on using colored construction paper and glue/ tape. It’s a simple project, cutting 1″ strips of paper and rolling and taping them into differnent shapes. Kids can get creative with shapes and colors of the flowers and we also made some rain drops.

We replaced our hanging snowflakes for some colorful butterflies! Since we are on a tight budget and I have a lot of donated magazines, I try to incorporate magazines into art projects as much as possible. The butterflies are also fairly simple to make, using 2 square shaped magazine pages, accordion folding them, stacking them on top of each other and using a pipe cleaner to secure the pages and act as a body to the butterfly.

Using recycled magazines again and the collage technique, students made this “garden rainbow”. The younger kids were here for this project, while we made the collage we talked about the garden, words associated with spring, favorite spring activities etc..


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